SONG OF THE DAY: Tyler Hampton – “The Knight”

EDM is all about change, that’s just academic.? Actually, Academik, the diverse progressive house label, is further expanding their range with this unparalleled release. I’ve written before about records that combine disparate elements for a composition that is greater than the sum of the parts.? “The Knight” takes it to the next level – rather than something different every 30 seconds – every 4 measures there seems to be a radical change in construction.? It’s as if someone forgot their dose of ADD medication, yet it works so well. What starts as a pretty, pumping old school-flavored house track, goes tribal, then raw, then noisy, then jittery, then proggy, then retro-Orb-ish, then big room electro, then spacey house before gradually grooving back into the original old school-flavored house track.? Peppered throughout are vocal samples ranging from eerie computerized voices to ones that sounds like they are sampled from a ’70s Doobie Brothers record.? If this track was spread out into an hour-long DJ set, it would no doubt win acclaim as one of the best journey mixed CDs ever. Compressed into under seven minutes, the kinetic randomness verges on manic madness, yet is so well-blended that it’s a must-listen for any lover of EDM looking to be schooled.? Arcader’s funky techno remix is a little less manic, yet keeps many of the original elements in place.? To put it in fashion terms, the original mix is like haute couture, absolutely gorgeous in its detail but probably inaccessible to the average person.? Arcader’s remix is the ready-to-wear version with the same vibe, but much easier for punters to grasp onto.

The track is available exclusively available on Beatport.

Image Courtesy of Academik.