SONG OF THE DAY: Joachim Garraud ft A Girl & A Gun – “Maximus”

You may not know the name Joachim Garraud, but you definitely know his work.? The French DJ/producer collaborated with David Guetta on many of his landmark early productions.? He’s also collaborated with synth mastermind Jean-Michel Jarre.? For the debut release on his new label Space Invaders, he’s created an instantly lovable commercial electro track which blends electro and stadium with a playful cheekiness that is uniquely French (think about the goofy smirks of Martin Solveig in his videos for an idea). The production is quite complex, with sudden transitions between grooves in the phrasing.? It recalls classic techno songs by artists like Digital Boy and The Creator, with three measures of one loop and then a surprise contrasting fourth measure that changes groove.? Throw in a “Jump” chant and the feisty Luciana-esque vocals of Girl & a Gun and you got a standout club track that will command the dance floor.? Let’s hope the forthcoming remixes are able to maintain the cheeky playfulness of the original.

Image Courtesy of Space Invader Music.