SONG OF THE DAY: Tomcraft – “Loneliness 2k13”

Wow, it’s hard to believe that this track is more than ten years old.? Originally released in 2002, the dark electro track by German producer Tomcraft is based on a vocal sample from Andrea Martin’s “Share the Love.”? With a stomping Benny Benassi remix, it topped the UK pop chart and was a club hit around the world.? Fast forward to 2013 and the release of his ’20 Years’ album (preceded by his catchy curveball track “The Noyz” with Sam Obernik – reviewed here), this rerelease is perfectly timed.? While it sounds like the vocals are resung, they are quite close to the original.? The production is also true to the original, just tweaked and updated a bit with a little more of an electro and rock vibe.?? The “Loneliness 2k13” Club Mix is by far the strongest version on this rerelease with the Tujamo remix sounding oddly dated and the Jaxxon remix just losing the point.?? Going back to the original 2002 version (and Benny Benassi remix), you will notice how close they sound to many current records out right now.? “Loneliness” stands out as one that was way ahead of its time.

Image Courtesy of Tommy Boy.