SONG OF THE DAY: Wolfwolf ft Alianah – “High”

Am I the only one who thinks that artists wearing masks is just as cliched as replacing the letter E with a 3 in your name?? Luckily, Aussie nu-disco producer Wolfwolf transcends that with his new track “High,” featuring the vocals of Alianah. It’s as if someone snagged Tina and Chris from Tom Tom Club and told them to start making hipster electropop.? Alianah has a Roisin Murphy-esque quality to her voice – present and cinematic, but kinda stoned in her delivery.? Both the Vanilla and Bronx remixes sound straight out of the early ’80s, at a similar BPM to the original, while the Lee M Kelsall remix speeds things up with a bit of a 2-step garage flavor.? Apparently there is also a trap remix floating around that Diplo and the Mad Decent crew have championed as well.? Lovers of the ’80s will also dig the video clip which is true to the era, save for all the cool MIDI controllers that Wolfwolf plays with.? Big props to heritage house/hip-hop label Nervous records for keeping up with the times and the sounds that the EDM kids are into these days.

Image courtesy of Nurvous.