SONG OF THE DAY: Aly & Fila vs John O’Callaghan – “Vapourize”

Someone recently asked me why so many dance records have artists fighting each other. My surprised look led him to ask about the “vs” label that is often used. The best collaboration (or vs) records arise when artists with different sounds come together to create something unique which is a blend reflecting their individual tastes. A great example is “Vapourize,” in which the pretty, uplifting sound of Egyptian producers Aly & Fila melds perfectly with the more banging, aggressive sound of Irishman John O’Callaghan. Listening closely, you can probably dissect who did what in the 8-minute trance track, but it doesn’t really matter because on a dance floor (or in a podcast) it blends together effortlessly- like a journey that gets bumpy and bouncy at some points (aggressive almost to the point of being dirty) and smoothes into hands-in-the-air euphoria (channeling classic Perfecto) at others. The peaks and valleys are exactly what you want from a trance track. If you embrace this track as much as I do, you should check out their last collaboration “Megalithic” from a few years back.

Image Courtesy of Future Sound of Egypt/Armada Music.