SONG OF THE DAY: Gina Star ft Jussie Smollett – “U Don’t Love Me”

Out of madness comes brilliance… It’s rare that I listen to a track over and over again yet am still flummoxed on how to describe it. There are simply so many different elements in “U Don’t Love Me” that pointing them out and isolating them might detract from its charm. Described as progressive house, it seems more like a blend of electro, tech, disco house, and tribal, with a repeated vocal line that feels so familiar that it sounds like a well-known sample from an ’80s R&B record. As the vocal repeats (similar to “So Much Love to Give”) throughout the song, it changes subtly until the music drops down into a full-on verse. As a DJ, I love it when breakdowns keep a beat going so that punters feel the rhythm and continue to move. On first listen, it seemed that the different vocal parts were in conflict with each other in the chorus, but hearing it over and over, it became less dissonant and more consonant with the interplay. The build-up is unique with the disparate elements of the drum fill, eerie keyboard line, effected vocals, and whirring noises increasing in intensity, but rather than coming to an explosion (or drop out), the transition is more subtly woven back into the main groove. It’s just one of the many gotchas that Gina Star has built into this exceptional track, which is the musical opposite of the Chanel ideal. You know, look into the mirror and take off one accessory before you leave the house. The theory behind “U Don’t Love Me” is to keep adding more and more until it there is so much going on that it feels like a perfect balance of brilliant madness.

Courtesy of LOI Records.