SONG OF THE DAY: John Dahlback – “The Trip”

Swedish producer John Dahlback is definitely on our ones-to-watch list. A few weeks back, his gorgeous vocal track with Greg Cerrone and Janice Robinson, “Every Breath,” caught our attention for the way it blended big room electro with a pop sensibility. On his new track “The Trip,” he bangs out a club stomper with just about every possible element imaginable – acid, epic trance progressions, tribal beats, electro glitches, sample chants, and horror movie musical effects. The synths in the breakdown are quite reminiscent of the sexy trance classic “Blue” by LaTour, yet layered in such a way that they enhance everything in the mix. What makes it truly a journey (or trip) is how smoothly it flows from segment to segment, telling its story without any sudden jarring segues. Its one of those great tracks that a DJ can use to transition seamlessly between genres in a set. On its own, it’s almost a countdown of the biggest sounds of 2012 (and probably 2013) in under 6 minutes.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.