SONG OF THE DAY: Morfex featuring Katie Brisbourne – “Moonshine”

Living in the South definitely gives you a different perspective of dance music. ? When I first heard “Moonshine” by Morfex featuring Katie Brisbourne, my immediate association was the bootleg alcoholic beverage brewed in the mountains.? Lyrics like “I can’t find you any more” and “your voice is white noise, I can hear nothing” made me think of both the scarce nature (due to legal reasons) and the effects of the potent beverage.? Clearly, the song written by the British team of Ian Lodge, Tony Byrne and Jorden Milnes, is about the evening light and a relationship that has gone sour over time.? X-Factor competitor Katie Brisbourne’s powerful and raspy voice is quite distinctive like a cross between Eartha Kitt and Nadia Ali.? The aggressive original dub step mix is complimented by a strong eruo-pop mix by the Dominatorz, so there’s a flavor for everyone.? Take a look at the video for an interesting mix of sensual and gothic horror – who knew that evil twins could be so scary and alluring at the same time?

Image Courtesy of Single Minded.