SONG OF THE DAY: Jes and Andy Duguid – “Before You Go”

Has Jes ever done a bad song?? One of the most prolific singer/songwriters, or as they say in the industry – topline writers, Jes Brieden has worked with everyone from BT and Tiesto to Cosmic Gate and Deepsky.? With every collaboration, a new story enters clubland with a unique flavor that Jes always brings to the table.? Produced with Scottish DJ/producer Andy Duguid, “Before You Go” starts with a sensual rock-tinged electro groove that breaks down to a sparse atmospheric verse, before kicking back into the groove. The vocal production is exceptional, with the transformation of Jes’ vocals into unique sound effects being a highlight. ? For a harder electro mix, check out the takes by Re-Zone and Timothy Allan & Loverush.

Image Courtesy of Ultra/Black Hole.