SONG OF THE DAY: Noelia – My Everything (Lynnwood Banger Remix)

Puerto Rican pop singer Noelia is having a club hit right now with the Timbaland-produced “My Everything.”? While there are probably a million remixes out there, the Lynnwood Banger mix stands out from the pack. Sometimes, when a song is pop, it takes something from left field to make it truly special. Known for his syndicated Interference radio show, Lynwood has been honing his aggressive electro sound by doing remixes for artists like La Roux, Kerli, and Beyonce.? Taking the J Lo-esque pop song and adding his dirty-dutch influenced production style, he managed to keep the melody and up the energy.? If you are playing a commercial room and want to up the energy with a solid pop vocal, be sure to check out this hot mix by Lynnwood.

Image Courtesy of Pink Star Records.