SONG OF THE DAY: DJ Licious ft Sakso – “Doppler”

I always love it when producers use real instruments in their tracks because it just adds a fresh, live, and human feel to what is often mechanized beats. With the success of “Saxobeat,” I was expecting a deluge of saxophone-based tracks (which thankfully didn’t happen) as there are often so many imitators when a big record with a different sound crossed over. Belgian producer DJ goes in a different direction with a playful saxophone line over a sexy, funky house groove. The melody is instantly catchy and memorable, no doubt it will lead people to want to buy “that saxophone track.” DJs looking to mix up their sets with something a little different should definitely check out “Doppler.” I am just imagining how amazing it would sound with lyrics by a quirky vocalist, perhaps like Sam Obernik?

Image Courtesy of La Musique Du Beau Mond