SONG OF THE DAY: Detroit Muscle – “Uh Oh”

There’s a common link between many transgendered people in that they were born as the right gender in the wrong physical body.   That’s my first point of reference when I hear “Uh Oh” by Detroit Muscle – the full-on party rocking electro jam doesn’t feel like it comes from the tradition of Detroit techno but more from the party-centered madness of the Jersey shore.  With the name DJ Godfather, that kind of cements the association.  The track has the glitch and Dutch beats/effects to energize a dance floor of fist-pumpers to sing along to the “Uh-Oh” chant, yet there are enough unique elements to make it stand out from the ocean of soundalike tracks out there.  The video was filmed on the debaucherous Groove Cruise which completely captures the vibe of the track.

Image Courtesy of Muscle Music.