SONG OF THE DAY: Billie Ray Martin – “On Borrowed Time”

The world knows Billie Ray Martin for her ’90s global smash “Your Loving Arms.”? After her massive crossover success, she chose to explore her creativity with releases spanning Memphis Blues, minimal techno, and experimental electronica.? Her new track “On Borrowed Time” is a mellow, almost ambient track about Andy Warhol’s statements about about living a fictional and imaginary life.? Her unique voice is both haunting and soothing over the minimal beats. The video features excerpts from Billie’s five movies, inspired from Andy Warhol’s ”Screen Tests’ (from the just released ‘Five Takes’ DVD). The imagery is reminiscent of the somber ’30s-era photography used for the ‘Deadline for My Memories’ and is the perfect visual medium to capture Billie’s outwarldly soulful stare and compliment her emotionally soulful voice.

Image Courtesy of Billie Ray Martin.