REVIEW: Florrie – Late EP

By: Ben Norman

Florrie is one hard-working woman. Two years, three EPs, and fourteen amazing tracks- Florrie has garnered a lot of attention and has proven to be worthy of that attention time and time again. On her third EP, Late, she lands four knockout tracks ready to assault your mind and whatever part of you dances to music. Taken together, the three EPs equal a really cool and interesting album, starting with tracks like “Give Me Your Love” and “Summer Nights” from Introduction and progressing to “I Took A Little Something” and “Begging Me” from Experiments. As Florrie’s producer has always been Xenomania, there’s always that fun poppy quality to her music, and having played as the drummer in the Xenomania house band, this synergy plays both ways. Together, the Late EP definitely hits hardest.
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