Richard Durand Interview (ADE 2013)

When prepping for an interview with a trance guy, you have to have all your facts straight as they are often so very precise and serious.??Dutch DJ/producer Richard Durand breaks that mold.?Originally supported by Tiesto and gaining big attention for his massive remix of ?Chasing Cars? by Snow Patrol, Richard went on to continue the ?In Search of Sunrise? compilation series after Tiesto left Black Hole.???Evolving the series to embrace more genres, the sound definitely reflects his diverse style.??Also, if you follow Richard on Twitter, you will quickly see that the jovial nature and light-hearted sense of humor that comes across in his posts.???At some points in the interview it was hard to keep a straight face with all the side comments and jokes that he was throwing in.??He is clearly not just a trance DJ.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: We all know that Tiesto started the?In Search of Sunrise?series, how did you become the next person to do it?
Richard Durand: Tiesto left Black Hole Recordings a few years ago, and they were left wondering what they should do with the brand because it was not only Tiesto?s brand but the brand of Black Hole Recordings. The owner, Arny Bink, asked me to do it, but at first I was nervous of what people would think of me taking Tiesto?s position. I figured why not and decided that it would be a big opportunity to grow a profile base and to build on my name and do something different. Now that I have done a few editions it has become very important to me, it?s great.

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My focus this year is to pretty much do as many interviews as possible. As well as listen for hot new music, network, and go to great parties. Last night’s Doorn party at Escape was a good time to do all three. It was also quite nice that I interviewed Sander Van Doorn today and got the chance to ask him about two hot tracks that he played.
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