INTERVIEW: Bingo Players (2013)

Bingo Players, the Dutch production/DJ duo of Paul Baumer and Maarten Hoogstraten, have ascended to the pinnacle of thr club scene by combining energetic big room electro tracks with catchy hooks and touring relentlessly.? Their tracks ?Rattle? and ?Cry? have become massive commercial hits, while edgier ones like ?Buzzcut? and ?Out of My Mind? continue to bang the big rooms. ?I spoke to Maarten when he spun in Nashville to a sold-out room on a Thursday night, a testament to just how massive the international duo have become.

RS: Where did name Bingo Players come from?
Bingo Players: A friend of ours in the UK had it as his nickname on MSN messenger, and we asked if we could use it and he said we could. We just needed a name and decided that it would work.

RS: How did the two of you meet up?
Bingo Players: We were best friends for 15 years before we even started making music.

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SONG OF THE DAY: Sidney Samson ft Martin Garrix – “Torrent”

Honestly, it was hard to choose which of the two tracks to write up – “Dutchland” or “Torrent.” “Dutchland” is straight-ahead dirty dutch-style electro – if I closed my eyes, I would think it sounds more like Afrojack. Aside from the dark mellow keyboard break and Daft Punk-y synth line, this could have easily been produced at the same time as “Shut Up and Let It Go” or “Riverside.” The vocal samples “are you happy now” and “this is what you want” seem like he is taunting the listener with that point, that they want him to return to his more classic original sound. “Torrent” has a much more evil, aggressively futuristic feel – with the tone of dubstep/grindcore, yet still in the “genre” of dirty dutch electro. You can definitely hear the contribution of rising star Martin Garrix – the dark feel that was in “Bfam” and “Keygen” are definitely in evidence here. When released, “Torrent” will no doubt be a massive club track. With these two tracks, Sidney shows how he can work with big stars on pop records while still capably turning out massive big room club records with a more underground feel.

Image Courtesy of Rock the House.