INTERVIEW: Richard Vission (2012)

As big name superstars rise and fall in the EDM world, there are few producers who stand the test of time – continuing to produce incredible music and support it with masterful DJ sets.? Richard Vission is the host of Power Tools, the longest running mixshow in the US.? In the 90s, he achieved success as part of the techno group The Movement and pop house group Pure Sugar.? Not only a remixer for the biggest artists (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ace of Base, David Bowie, Korn), Richard also releases his club-banging original productions on his own label Solmatic.? The two are not mutually exclusive, however, as “I Like That,” his collaboration with Static Revenger and Luciana, started as an underground club track and exploded into a viral internet clip and international club smash.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: When you did the song ?I Like That,? did you have any idea that it would become so big?
Richard Vission: No, I actually never think about it becoming big, we just do the records so that we can play out. Honestly, it still boggles my mind that it went on the radio because the song has no chorus. It?s kind of weird when I think about it.

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REVIEW: Madonna – “Girl Gone Wild” (Remixes)

By: Ben Norman

Alright, so Madonna’s MDNA album has been out for a while, and her second single from it, “Girl Gone Wild,” has already been getting airplay. Peaking at #6 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under, it’s obvious that the track doesn’t have the push for the top of the chart that “Give Me All Your Luvin” did. Perhaps it’s the self-indulgent diatribe at the beginning that seems to be begging for Lady Gaga’s attention, but at the same time Gaga only does these things to get Madonna’s attention. Perhaps Madonna is vying for her own attention. When it comes to the video of the track, it’s pretty sexual. But at the same time, it’s hardly anything that we haven’t seen from her before, and fairly tame in retrospect. Androgynous pop group Kazaky perform as backup dancers, rocking those heels like they always do and looking hot while they do it. While I have yet to understand why this video was removed for raciness, I can say it’s quite entertaining and was the turning point in my enjoyment of this track. And try as he might, Benny Benassi’s production is fun but wasn’t what finally got me to like this track, and it certainly wasn’t Madonna’s use of the words ?808 drums.? I kinda wanted to slap her after that. No, it was definitely the video, giving me all those images to attach the track to and I finally gained appreciation for it.

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