INTERVIEW: Cash Cash (2013)

From rock band to EDM trio, the story of Cash Cash is quite interesting.??Originally a power pop foursome, the band toured with everyone from Cobra Starship to Kevin Rudolf and was even part of the Vans Warped Tour.?As their tastes went more electronic and they started doing more remixes for other artists, their own releases followed suit.??Two buzz records on Spinnin, including the infamous ?Michael Jackson? tribute track, along with their remixes, really increased their presence in the EDM world.??Now signed to Big Beat records with a single ?Take Me Home? exploding on radio, the Jersey boys are definitely ones to watch.

Ron Slomowicz: You guys were originally a rock band, how did you make the move to dance music?
Jean Paul (Cash Cash): It was a slow process, but we were always putting electronic elements into our music. We had keyboards, electronic drums, and we were doing remixes during that time for other artists. We were always in touch with that side of it and we slowly went over to dance music. Eventually we dropped the guitars and it was more keyboard-heavy and from there we dropped the drums and parted ways with our drummer. We just started bangin’ the beats and then we were doing remixes and DJing. It all started to make sense in conjunction with some stuff that we were doing with Spinnin? Records overseas. It worked well, so we’re bringing it back here to the states. We just signed with Big Beat Records of Atlantic and we are doing a whole new thing with them.

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