INTERVIEW: Tenishia (2013)

Maltese DJ/production duo Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar, better known as Tenishia, have done a lot to put the island nation on the international scene.? Their debut artist album ‘Memories of a Dream’ continues to spawn singles as the duo tour the world.? Moving up to the Top 50 on the DJ Mag list is just one of the many signs that Tenishia are ones to watch.

RS: So you guys are from Malta, what is the scene like there?
Joven: Great, it was really good in the ’90s and it went down a little, but it is coming back up. We have a big fan base there and when we do a Tenishia concert, we have 1% of the population there.

RS: You guys produce all of your own events, didn?t you?
Joven: Yes of course, besides doing Tenishia in concert we do Tenishia events four times a year. We are currently working with some other promoters in the trance family on trance events in Malta.
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