SONG OF THE DAY: EDX ft Hadley – “Everything”

Isn’t it great when an artist?s album spawns multiple amazing tracks? Following the club hits “This is Your Life,” “Love Express,” “Give It Up For Love,” and “D.A.N.C.E.” comes “Everything,” the fifth single from On the Edge by Swiss producer/dj EDX. This time around he teams up with vocalist Hadley for a groovy yet dynamically-building progressive pop track. Positive uplifting lyrics like “everything I dream, standing right in front of me” capture the dreamy vibe of the production and make it a brilliant summer record. If you like your beats more aggressive, check out EDX’s Arena mix or the glitchy take from Cazzette. The video, filmed at Marquee Las Vegas, is one of those rare classy EDM videos that doesn’t rely on overt sexual imagery. It tells a nice story of a night of the club. We wonder if the comic DJ figure in it pays an homage to Jack in the Box or is it a spoof of deadmau5?

Image courtesy of Pinkstar.