DJ Deanne Interview

In addition to running into superstar DJs, reconnecting with friends and finding rising talent is another highlight of Winter Music Conference.??I originally met Stephanie Swanson, aka DJ Deanne, while spinning with her at Talbott Street in Indianapolis.??Seemingly out of nowhere, she made the radical decision to move to South Florida to pursue her DJ career.??Following her as she has made a name for herself in the competitive market,??you will realize that sometimes you need to make a big change to achieve the goals you aspire to reach.??You may not know who DJ Deanne is right now, but at the rate she is going ? you will soon.?


RS: At the age of 40 you made a radical change, you left a midwestern town and moved to South Florida. Why the heck did you do that?
Deanne: I have always felt like South Florida was a launching pad and my heart took me here. I feel like everything has its place and time in life and there was more for me. My place and time in Indianapolis had presented itself; I had achieved what I needed to that prepared me for what was next. There was no other way to do anything other than go forward or stay still and I don?t stay still.

RS: When you first came to South Florida what was the biggest challenge that you had to face?
Deanne: Being unknown and relatively anonymous again.

RS: What did you have to do to prove yourself?
Deanne: My philosophy is kick ass and take names, so that is what I did when I came here.
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