SONG OF THE DAY: Chris Cox + DJ Frankie ft Crystal Waters – “Oh Mama Hey”

With the plethora of instrumental club tracks out there, a good chant can make the difference between “filler” and a “floorfiller.”? Constructed by legendary DJ/Producers Chris Cox (of Thunderpuss infamy) and DJ Frankie (nightlife impresario that brought clubland to Vegas with the launch of Studio 54),? “Oh Mama” was originally released in 2010. The “Oh Mama Hey” chant elevated the retrotribal-tinged electro track to secret weapon status and was deployed by those DJs in the know. ? Refreshed, revitalized, and re-produced for 2013, “Oh Mama Hey” now features a fresh vocal topline by diva-in-demand Crystal Waters, who of course is no stranger to a good chant, remember ‘la da dee, la da da?’ ?Her verse has a touch of the swing vibe, which probably rubbed off from her work with Yolanda Be Cool but dang it if the nonsense bits just don’t get caught in your head.? With a remix package featuring Stonebridge, Rosabel, Steven Redant, and Trent Cantrelle, as well as a music video forthcoming, “Oh Mama Hey” could be the floorfiller that heats up dance floors all winter long.

Image Courtesy of Tommy Boy.

SONG OF THE DAY: Inaya Day Allstars ft Crystal Waters – “Long Day”

With the overwhelming abundance of electro and trance, there seems to be a dearth of quality vocal house making its way into clubland. Leave it to a few legends like Stonebridge, Inaya Day and Crystal Waters to change all that. While Stoney has been going a bit electro and progressive on his recent releases, he goes back to his happy house roots constructing a feel good hands-in-the-air track complete with bouncy pianos that you just can’t help but want to sing along with.? Distinctive dance diva Crystal Waters (who penned the topline) joins powerhouse vocalist Inaya Day and the two play off each other, elevating the vibe with sheer joy. Listening to “Long Day,” you can just imagine how much fun they all had recording it. I dream of catching all three together on stage one night performing the song live; that would no doubt be one of the most magical club nights of all time.

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