SONG OF THE DAY: Darren Hayes – Stupid Mistake (Bright Light Bright Light Remix)

Imagine it’s the 1990’s, in your favorite night club, and you’re dancing your “meds” off to David Morales’ mix of “Dreamlover” by none other than Mariah Carey. ?It’s a big moment in the night, such a massive track and such a great remix. ?Fast forward 20 years, and that pairing is now Bright Light Bright Light and Darren Hayes. ?Hayes has always done an excellent job using his falsetto to bring beauty to his music, but the remix provided by Bright Light Bright Light takes “Stupid Mistake” right back to those club days, and suddenly we can truly appreciate just how far dance music has come, and how hard it has fought. ?So carry on, Darren Hayes. ?This is no “Stupid Mistake”, despite how hard you want us to believe it is.