SONG OF THE DAY: Breach ft Andreya Triana – “Everything You Never Had (We Had It All)”

Not what you would expect, but better than you can imagine. Breach (aka Ben Westbeech) had one of the biggest records of the summer with “Jack,” a simple yet substantial classic house track with one line of repeated vocal that was accompanied by a viral hairy video. For “We Had It All,” he moves from channeling Larry Heard to evoking classic Rollo. Dig up “Let This Be a Prayer” by Rollo Goes Spiritual with Pauline Taylor for an idea of where this is descended from. How great it is for there to be a return to vocal house with a real song – mournful, yet uplifting – as soulful singer Andreya Triana is serving Sandy B inspired by Moby’s Southern gospel phase. This is classy underground vocal house which is very well-produced and modern-feeling, with classic uplifting vibes for the old school house heads out there. How amazing would it be to be at a festival or in a big room club and the DJ dropped from hard electro or stadium and subtly brought in a quality vocal house record like this?

Image Courtesy of Atlantic.

SONG OF THE DAY: Breach – “Jack”

What is Jack? Well, let’s start with Who is Jack. In the classic house track “Can You Feel It” by Mr Fingers (aka Larry Heard), Jack is the mythical deity who “declared Let There Be House and House music was born.” Jack as a verb describes dancing to house music and getting it in, so to say. For Ben Westbeech, aka Breach, “Jack” single is a throwback to old school house with the playfully repeated vocal line “I Want your body, everybody wants your body, so let’s jack.” The simplicity of the track is so refreshing that it becomes addictive after the first listen. With the current ’90s house revival, the track’s release couldn’t be more perfectly timed. As classic as “Jack” sounds, the bouncy house groove has enough modern elements and sounds to make it fit in 2013 just as easily as it would have in 1993. The hairy video has gone viral and fits nicely into the video meme that the Duck Sauce guys have been broadcasting (“Big Bad Wolf” and “It’s You”). If house isn’t your thing, check out the Cazzette remix of Ben Westbeech’s last vocal release, “Something for the Weekend,” for some harder beats (and shame on you for not embracing the “universal language spoken and understood by all”).

Images courtesy of Big Beat/dirtybird.