INTERVIEW: Henrik B (2013)

You can’t turn on BPM without hearing “Echoes” – the gorgeous stadium house version of the Police classic by Henrik B, Niklas Gustavsson, and Peter Johansson.? Hmm, a trio of Swedish dance music producers, that sounds vaguely familiar…? What might not be familiar is that Henrik got his start in the techno world before moving into progressive electro and house – along the way remixing classic anthems like “Chime” and “Can’t Get Enough.”? With support from Eric Prydz (who signed Henrik’s music to his label) and Avicii (who helped get him signed to At Night management), he is a rising talent worth keeping an eye on.? His Twitter feed is also worth following as he is quite colorful and never afraid to speak his mind.?? When we recently spoke at the Promo Only Summer Sessions, his personality definitely came through, and the conversation involved many of his loves outside the music world – espresso, burgers, and more…

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Congratulations, every time I turn on BPM I hear ?Echoes,? what inspired you to remake The Police song?
Henrik B: That?s a tough one; I actually heard the vocal as an a cappella and not the original song. My friends played it to me and I knew I had to do something with it. They sent it to me and we decided to make ?Echoes.? As I mentioned before, I had never heard the original, so I wasn?t really inspired by The Police, I just liked the a cappella of Sting.?
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