INTERVIEW: Paul Van Dyk (2012)

German producer/DJ Paul van Dyk has always used electronic dance music to break barriers and bring people together.? His music is not simply trance but a mix of countless different styles as he is influenced by everywhere he plays ?Released through a new partnership of his label Vandit with global powerhouse Armada, Paul Van Dyk’s artist album features collaborations with people from around the world- from Arty in Russia to Plumb in Nashville, Tennessee. At the Promo Only Summer Sessions in Atlantic City, Paul made a special appearance, surprising the crowd with the debut performance of “I Don’t Deserve With You” with Plumb.? Creating quite a stir already, this looks to be a song that will break even more barriers in the music world.

DJ Ron: The name of your album is Evolution, where are you evolving from and what are you evolving into?
Paul van Dyk: Life in general is my biggest inspiration, and everything that I see somehow ends up in my music. If you look at electronic music over the last twenty years from where it started, where it is now, and the way that we communicate through Twitter and Facebook, things have changed so much. We didn?t have any of these things ten years ago. Life has drastically changed, so obviously that my influences have changed and my inspiration has evolved and is somewhat different.
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REVIEW: Various Artists – ‘The Sound of Swedish House’

By: Cory Glisson-Munier

Sweden has a history of introducing the world to an array of noted dance-pop artists, including Abba, Roxette, Ace of Base, Basshunter, Alcazar, and September, as well as producers like Max Martin, DenniZ Pop, and Stonebridge, so the rise of ?Swedish House? artists or remixers woven in and out on this new release is no surprise. By unofficial definition – any progressive, deep house, or electro-house dance musicians born in Sweden would loosely fall under this term (and not just those part of the Mafia).
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