INTERVIEW: Emma Hewitt (2012)

Though she got her start making rock music as part of the band Missing Hours, Australian singer/songwriter Emma Hewitt has quickly ascended to the top of the trance world.? A progressive house track with Chris Lake introduced Emma to the EDM world and she was quickly embraced by masterful producers like Dash Berlin, Lange, Cosmic Gate and Ronski Speed.? While she is dubbed by many as the reigning queen of trance, Emma has stepped back and constructed an enchanting multiformat debut solo album called “Burn the Sky Down.”?? Her trance fans need not worry, though, as there are remixes coming for every song on the album.

Ron Slomowicz: How are you enjoying Mexico?
Emma Hewitt: It?s really great actually, we had the Dash Berlin show on Saturday night and their concert was sold out. The vibe was great and we filmed a video for their next single yesterday. It was interesting and a lot of fun.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Emma Hewitt – “Miss You Paradise”

Emma Hewitt’s debut artist album Burn the Sky Down is one of the most gorgeously epic collections that I have ever listened to. Though choosing a favorite song is a challenge, “Miss You Paradise” is definitely a highlight. The original album version is reminiscent of the classic 4AD downtempo sound which highlights her almost spoken verses that gradually blend into the lushly layered bridge and chorus. She sounds like a cross between Brigid Boden and Enya. The Shogun remix adds a pounding trance beat for the verse while keeping the chorus sparse to keep the focus on her ethereal vocals. With the different mixes, you’ve got a song that sounds great prime time at the club as well as a closing track or for chill out listening at home.
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