SONG OF THE DAY: Andio ft Tom Wardle – Stay

This is what happens when a good bootleg goes legit, the right way. British singer (and teen idol) Paul Young had a massive top 5 hit with in 1983 with “Come Back and Stay.” A bootleg version apparently floated around earlier this year, which inspired British producer Andio to do his own take. While Paul Young originally approved his vocals to be used on this new take, Andio enlisted singer/songwriter Tom Wardle to resing them. The original version has an Avicii/Nicky Romero “I Could Be The One” kind of vibe, which fits the hopeful, begging theme of the lyrics. Tom is a great singer, as you can hear on “Stay” as well as on his solo material where he combines a synth-pop-styled vocal over guitar rock songs (that sounds strange writing it out, but it gets at what makes songs like “The Man You Fell in Love With” and “Young Lovers Never Die” resonate). For club DJs, the Synthesis remix goes a little bit more electro/big room, while the Quartet is a bit more nu-House. “Stay” is the kind of song which might not hit big out of the box, but over time will grow into a hit.