WMC 2013: Mad Men & Women: Marketing Campaigns Panel Review

Written by: DJ Deanne

This panel ended up being the Mad Women of Marketing, consisting of moderator Lainie Copicotto (Aurelia Group) and panelists Lauren Lipsay (Elektro Magazine), Adellyn Polomski (Clear Channel), and Allegra Riggio (XOVain).

The purpose of this panel was to discuss topics with artists, DJs, and producers related to relevant marketing strategies in this industry, orchestrating effective campaigns, tips on building presence using social networks, and usage of innovative marketing techniques.

It was a loosely-structured panel that mainly entertained questions from the audience. Attendees were thirsting for answers about getting noticed, steps for success, and real world insider advice. It was clear that most everyone in the room had a good handle on and was actively utilizing social networks. Instead, there were many questions from newbies, budding musicians, and those ripe for the next level- ranging from image development, the need for management, publicists, and attorneys, or just general questions about record labels and how they are structured and operate.

The experienced panel was rich with stories about how major artists are getting creative with their marketing strategies, noting Avicii’s ice cream truck, hotel, and roaming visual promo in South Beach during WMC and Ultra as one example. Clearly, the room was not full of Aviciis. The recurring theme in the discussions that were relevant to the needs, levels, and curiosity of the audience, however, was “treat yourself as a business” and “build your brand.” Labels, Management, Publicists, and Promoters are all looking at and for the “package.” Get a clear direction of who you are and what makes you special, and make sure you have a finished body of work before you try to make the jump to the next level.

I found the panel to be interesting. I was hoping for more structure. But the prevailing message is what I took with me and that has intrinsic value for this developing DJ/Producer.

Image Courtesy of Dewight Barkley.