For the 17th edition of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the premiere European dance music conference, the daytime program is being rebranded as ADE Pro with panels and roundtables taking place at the Felix Meritis and the Dylan Hotel.??? Recently announced panels inclide:? ‘Tapping Into the Power of Radio (and Beyond)’ featuring Carl Cox, Geronimo (Sirius XM,)? Gavin Kingsley (The Radio Department,) and Nikhil Shah (Mixcloud) about the streaming outlets – traditional radio, satellite, cloudcasting and TV melding together.? Josh Wink will be leading a panel on ‘Remaking the Remix for the Digital Age’ with Timo Maas, Boris D’lugosch, Adam Beyer and Martyn.? Tracing the history of the Dutch house sound, musicologist/blogger Wayne Marshall will relate the current sounds to their community roots with major moments in Dutch club culture.

Two influential lists will be presented this year at ADE.? The DJ Mag poll results will be announced again this year (click here for more information) as will the first EDM Brand Comparison list which will rank the brand equity of EDM companies based on their social media influence.

ADE Next, the program for the up and coming generation of EDM producers, will feature a workshop by Marc JB (Bimbo Jones) where he will show how to make a remix from scratch.? The master mind of dirty house, Vato Gonzalez, will also be presenting at ADE Next.

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