ASK THE DJ: Winter Music Conference Parties

Dear DJ Ron,

I’ve been getting your newsletter for some time now and remember you saying what a great time you had at the WMC 2006. I’ll be there this year with several friends. A question… “If you had to choose one place to party (that doesn’t require me to be a record executive to get in), what’s the absolute best place for an all night party on Sat. night?” Please don’t give me the canned answer… A club… Just one name… Please.

– WMC Partyman

Dear Partyman,

Winter Music Conference, to me, is as much about enjoying music that you love as well as finding something new. I can’t make a choice for you because I don’t know what you like.

Look through the party lists and find your favorite DJs, record labels, and promoters. Do you like big room events (Space and Nocturnal) or the smaller lounge vibes (BED, Yuca) or the outside venus (Nicki Beach)? Or do you want to go out on a limb and locate something you’ve never heard of before and take a shot?

Saturday night is a big night so every club will be slammed. The best advice is to try to buy tickets in advance, arrive early at the venue, dress to impress, and have a smile on your face. If you follow those tips, even the door nazis on South Beach will be more likely to let you in.

For me, Saturday is all about the Ultra Music Festival. I plan to arrive there around 2pm and spend the whole day there. With multiple areas, you can just walk around and experience just about every genre of dance music. If you plan to attend Ultra Music Festival, be sure to buy your tickets in advance. Saturday night, I haven’t decided – maybe just walk up and down Collins and see what happens..