ASK THE DJ: Is Oakenfold a good DJ?

Dear DJ Ron,

Coachella 2006 was a total blast! It is now another milestone for the history.

Oakenfold was one of many artists that prompted me to drive out and braved the heat although there were several of my buddies expressed their disapproval for Oakie. They are very certain that Oakie is not a world-class DJ and that the man is just a “marketing machine;” anything with his name on it will sell. The most appalling thing that I heard was that Oakie can’t mix and when he did, he played it safe and does simple beatmatching. I listened to a lot of Oakenfold’s material and saw him at many events; I think he is very good. Tell me, DJ Ron. Is Oakie a good DJ?

~ Billy

Dear Billy,

It really isn’t my place to say whether Oakie is a good DJ or bad DJ ? it’s really rather subjective. If you like Oakie ? then buy his CDs, go to his shows, and love his music. Don’t let the opinion of others affect you.

Some people do see Oakie as a gateway DJ ? i.e. the first big name DJ that people like before moving onto more credible or genre specific DJs. There has always been talk of Oakie’s mixing skills and as with any other culture ? there are always those people who are jealous of any type of mainstream success ? if someone makes money, they sold out and aren’t “underground” or “real.”

But ? in the long run ? he has done a lot for the scene, expanded the way people view DJs and electronic music and has created some great records over the years.

It is up to you to decide whether you think he is good. Just like you decide whether to go to Burger King or McDonalds, buy jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch or Gap, or which shoe to put on first.

~ RS