REVIEW: DVJ Vision – Club Visuals 3 DVD

One of the biggest challenges that comes from spinning video is finding great content. Whether you are using playing visuals or music videos, ambient clips that fit into nightclub sets are difficult to find.

What is on the Club Visuals DVD?

Answering the call for content is DVJ Vision, who have just released a third set of Club Visuals. This DVD melds live video and computer animation which is synced to 128 beats per minute (BPM). The six clips were created by VJs and motion graphic designers who all seem to have a strong grasp of what is going to look good in a club setting.

Clip by Clip

The most narrative of the clips is “Fuel For Squares,” which starts with a windmill that blends into a tractor before the clip dissolves into a cube and goes all over the farm, so to say. The story of the clip progresses to vehicles that use the fuel – cars, motorcycles, trains, and helicopters, before ending up in a crowded city traffic scene. The stress of the city calms back into scenes of flower and ends with a nice walk on a beach. Timed correctly, this clip we be great for edgy electro records that crescendo before dropping into a melodic break.

The rest of the clips are six-to-seven minute abstract visuals without a story line. “Electric Neon” is what the title implies: energetic explosions and bursts of neon colors. Squiggles of color are overlapped with repeated symbols and bubbling bursts – almost like a lava lamp on speed. Then a section of cubes and squares arise which morph into videos of buildings before fading back into an 80s Modrian-esque tribute to Tron.

Watching the visuals, even the most basic of shapes can become fascinating. “Celestial Disco” is based on a circle – specificially, a rotating circle made up of 12 smaller circles that are the dominant image. As the focus circle spins and rotates, more circles appear and evolve into a solar system and even more rotating circles. This would look great in a club which had similar lighting effects or lasers that could imitate the visuals.

When System Overload is a Good Thing

A personal favorite is “System Overload” which is probably best described as EKGs morphing into soundwaves, smoke patterns, and then volume levels. Projected on a big wall for an event, this would work for any instrumental techno event.


The Club Visuals 3 DVD was created for Pioneer DVJ-1000, though it will work in any DVD player. It’s also very useful for DJs who need visual clips of length to play for a song that doesn’t have a video. If you are visuals jockey that uses a program like Grand VJ or Resolume, the clips also work well as layers to build with. These segments look even better with additional effects added to them.

If you are looking even more visuals, check out the previous issue, Club Visuals 2 which featured “Mind Fornication” (insane kaleidoscopes), “Mod” (a nearly hallucinogenic 60s pop art trip), “Lost Girls” (images of computerized women in action, classy of course), and “Face Invaders” (a tribute to the legendary video game Space Invaders).

On its own, the DVD is fun to watch when you want to chill and space out. In the hands of a capable Visuals or Video DJ, the clips are like the highest quality beats – they can rock any crowd.