SONG OF THE DAY: Shall Ocin – “Crash Into My Love”


Judging by his new track “Crash Into My Love,” Argentinian producer Nicolar Abalos is clearly someone who would be fun to watch in the studio.  It’s simply impossible to classify the track because while it is based on a deep house vibe, the soundtrack-y feel pushes it in an almost prog rock/concept album direction.  The mid-tempo shuffling house beat mellows you out and the random dropout to the guitar solo make the random male vocals fit perfectly.  Even though I don’t smoke weed, this track has a pronounced stoned feel which is quite intoxicating in its sonic spaciness.  This intoxication comes through in the video club where Cali Bear boozes and parties with random club girls.  Yeah, its an out-there track that is hard to describe and definitely worth listening to.

Image Courtesy of Culprit.