SONG OF THE DAY: Nick Fiorucci ft Shobha and Joshua J – “Back to Me”

While most of us are looking to the Dutch, Swedish, and French for the big dance pop crossover hits, maybe its time we look to the Canadians. Nick Fiorucci has been turning out quality tunes for the underground and commercial world for years – but for some reason he hasn’t ever received the international acclaim he truly deserves. “Back to Me” might change that. An of-the-moment electro track with progressive flourishes, the grooves feel familiar but aren’t exact copies of everything else out there. The synth line is catchy, and the middle dropout is quite dramatic. The vocals sung by Shobha are definitely memorable and trainspotters might even recognize a similarity to one of our personal favorites from last year – “All About Sex” by Sariah. While we could do without the rap by Joshua J, it’s not bad and will probably help for crossover radio play. DJs playing big rooms looking for a harder electro mix should check out Chriss Ortega’s Festival remix, while those who like it proggier should go for Tars. For a modern pretty Hi-NRG take, Soha’s collaboration with Nick should be foremost in your mind.

Image Courtesy of HiBias.