ASK THE DJ: Aspiring Producer

Dear DJ,

im an aspirining music producer. been doing it for a while now. if u get a chance id like u to check out my music and let me know what u think. u dont have to but if u get bored and have a moment it greatly appreciate u checkin it out. you abviously know the industry.

– aspiring producer

Dear Dear Aspiring Producer:

Let’s start over. You are contacting me to listen to your music and give you feedback on your project. Let’s pretend that I am an industry person who can make a difference and help you with your musical career. On the initial contact, you need to make me want to listen to your music, as I am flooded with requests like this.

Some suggestions:

1. Check spelling.

2. Use punctuation.

3. Use capitalization.

4. Use correct grammar.

5. Don’t use familiar terms, i.e. ‘u’ instead of you.

6. Most importantly – show me that you are excited and proud of your music, not that I should listen to it if I “get bored.”

A little professionalism with your contacts will help you a lot in your career.