INTERVIEW: Shawnee Taylor (2012)

With so many releases, it’s clear that Shawnee Taylor is the first lady of Subliminal records.? Her powerful voice, strong writing, and fresh point of view come across with every performance- recorded or live.? Following her back-to-back international club hits “Live Your Life” and “Stronger,” Shawnee recently released her uplifting solo single “Colors,” produced with Sympho Nympho (Erick Morillo, Harry Romero, & Jose Nunez.)? After chatting with Shawnee Taylor, it’s easy to see that her energy is just as colorful as the video is.

RS: So where are you today?
Shawnee Taylor: I?m actually in New York.

RS: Is that where you?re based?
Shawnee Taylor: Yes.
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