Scott Nelsen Bio

If there were one word to describe Scott Nelsen’s DJ career, it would be “consistency.” DJs are not invited multiple times to spin at some of the world?s hottest dance clubs on a fluke, they get requested due to a solid foundation of mix compilations and successful gigs. In short, Scott Nelsen has built a reputation as the go-to guy for crowd-pleasing, floor-filling progressive music in a variety of genres.

Scott Nelsen’s gig history reads like a who’s who of electronic music. He has DJed alongside names such as Kazell, Dirty Vegas, Paul Oakenfold, Sandra Collins, Jimmy Van M, Boy George, Nigel Richards, Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission, Dave Ralph, Dieselboy, Steve Smooth, Bad Boy Bill, Sean Cusick, John ‘Quivver’ Graham, Scott Henry, Charles Feelgood, and DJ Tiesto.

Scott credits a $350 purchase of two Technics 1200s (steal of a lifetime), a DJ competition and a mix CD contest for kicking off his career. In June 2000, Scott mentioned to his friend Greg Flatt that he wanted to buy some turntables so Greg sold him 2 pristine 1200s for $350. In January 2001, Scott won a local DJ competition hosted by the not-so-famous Nashville club “Outer Limit”. Not more than a year later, he won Mixer Magazine’s annual mix CD competition, taking him to Ibiza to open for Paul Oakenfold at the legendary club Pacha (and making Nelsen one of a handful of DJs who has played with Oakenfold on both sides of the Atlantic). In addition to this trip to Ibiza, Nelsen has graced the decks in Atlanta (eleven50), Charlotte (Mythos), Miami (Space and Crobar), and every club in Nashville, where he currently resides.

Nelsen’s sets involve an eclectic mix of upfront progressive house, tribal beats, lush breaks, and electro funk, with a constant focus on listener accessibility. Put simply, he manages the difficult task of pleasing hardcore music junkies and new fans alike.