Chris Racine Bio

In electronic dance music, the typical story of how a DJ became interested in music is how they fell in love with the idea of turntables, or, while on the dance floor, they connected with one particular song. For the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami-based Chris Racine, the story is a bit different. As a child, Chris was almost completely deaf. The only sound he could hear was the music coming from his parents? stereo. He spent as much time as he could playing with the stereo, listening to it, being able just to hear. After surgery to correct his hearing, his love for music and that stereo grew even stronger. Chris also began playing with lights and lighting, anything he could get his hands on. For Chris, his ?big break? came as a chance opportunity. He walked into a local club, just before the time changed for it to become a 21-and-over venue, and noticed the DJ having trouble with the sound system. Eager to help, this young, self-taught aspiring DJ helped the resident DJ fix the situation within mere minutes. From there, the situation snowballed. ?I guess they were impressed with me, that I knew how to fix the problem,? says Racine. ?I pretended to know about DJ-ing, and they offered me a job right on the spot. I had to learn mixing really quickly,? he says with a laugh. Since then, Chris has been doing the 2 things he loves most: Making people happy and seeing them dance to his music. He?s had many huge remixes for Hot Tracks, where he?s remixed the likes of Deborah Cox, Expose, Backstreet Boys, Cindy Lauper and Sting. He still continues to remix and produce, but for his own use. ?I play my own remixes and edits on the dance floor,? he says. ?I can even play an entire set all remixed with video! It?s a great way to keep the vibe going.? He?s obviously been keeping that vibe going. And going. And going. After DJ Julian Marsh helped him with the opportunity to move to Provincetown, doors began to fly open for Chris. Playing clubs all over the US, to Italy and Greece; playing cruises and, for many years all the ?Vault @ Large? events ? the premier weekly Leather event at Crown & Anchor in P-town. Next up for the DJ who?s worked with superstar DJs including Joe Gauthreaux, Phil B, Lydia Prim and Susan Morabito? ?I?m just doing what I love, and nothing?s going to stop me. When it comes time to leave the DJ booth, I?ll still be involved ? show production, video, sound, lighting? this is my life.?

— Robyn RSTAR Smith