SONG OF THE DAY: DJ Cova & Steel – Roots (Give It To Dem)

It’s that element of surprise… On first listen to “Roots,” it starts off like any typical big room banger – almost like “Bouncer” by Showtek & Ookay, with a hint of middle eastern music thrown in. The first “Give it to Dem” chant is a signal that the vibe is about to change and the breakdown brings in a reggae beat. The typical reggae toasting has a backbeat added to amp the energy. This kind of genreblending was done with a more commercial, uplifting feel by Trevor Simpson & Kezanmdi “Watching You.” On “Roots,” the track is solely for club play, and being on a label called TweakSpin, that sounds about right. If you’re spinning a set of bangers and want to surprise the crowd with a quick vibe change, “Roots” will definitely give it to dem.

Image Courtesy of Tweak Spin.