INTERVIEW: Dave Clarke (2013)

After ten years of interviewing DJs, producers and artists, I rarely get nervous when speaking them.? However, approaching Dave Clarke was a bit nerve-wracking, because people that are into techno are REALLY into techno and are practically experts, so it’s kind of intimidating to techno purists.? Imagine my pleasant surprise to discover that the “baron of techno” is cordial, friendly and helpful.? Dave Clarke is one of the most respected DJs in the world and his radio show/podcast has a loyal (almost cult-like) following of listeners (its available through 2FM RTE and iTunes).

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Starting with the basics, who would be 5 artists, including yourself, that someone should follow to learn about techno?
Dave Clarke:? Jeff Mills definitely needs to be there; he is less abrasive now with his sets and has been in his Spaceship vibe for the last couple years. Occasionally he can be a bit abrasive, and that is when he is my favorite. If you are looking for someone from a vinyl or heritage prospective, I would say DJ Bone.?? If you are looking for someone that is bridging the gap and latecoming into the scene, I would say Chris Liebing, he has his own sound that is very specific to him. I would also say Derrick May because he can be funky, which a lot of people forget how to be- and also Green Velvet.
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