SONG OF THE DAY: Clean Bandit ft Sharna Bass – Extraordinary

Following up a massive number one single like “Rather Be” is quite a challenge, but Clean Bandit have done quite well with aptly-titled “Extraordinary.” Continuing their signature sound of mixing classical instrumentation (piano/cello) with classic house vibes, the groovy-tempoed track is the perfect bed for the honeyed-soul vocals of 16 year-old newcomer Sharna Bass. When I wrote up “Rather Be,” I described it as the “2014 take on the Deep Dish/Everything But the Girl collaborations and productions,” and this new song continues that direction with a bit more of a soulful garage vibe. Set for a June release, Clean Bandit’s debut album ‘New Eyes’ (which includes their previous releases “Mozart’s House” and “Dust Clears”) is shaping up to be this year’s massive credible dance-pop crossover in the same vein as Disclosure. I know that I will be buying the download as soon as it is available.

Image Courtesy of Atlantic/Warner-UK.

SONG OF THE DAY: Medicinne – Saving / Lucid

Following from yesterday’s theme of mellower genres rising from the EDM/big room sound, let’s take a listen to these two deep/tech-house tracks from Medicinne.? The duo of Arcader (“Pillowtalk”) and Allen Tagle start with “Saving,” which is a bit more uptempo with a bouncy beat, effected vocal, and bit of the retro Nu-House vibe while still staying in the tech-house world.? “Lucid” feels more like a progressive concept album track from the ’70s, as produced with modern electronic elements.? It has a few guitar elements that are reminiscent of Deep Dish during the “Flashdance” era, but overall has more of a feel of mid-’90s progressive house/trance.??Both tracks will work for DJs looking for deeper tracks for early evening play and for listeners looking for tech-house tracks that have a beat that you can still chill with.

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Image courtesy of Academik.

Medicinne – Saving / Lucid

SONG OF THE DAY: HIIO ft Abigail Bailey – “Waiting for the Night”

If Chuckie calls it “loud and proud,” you know it’s got to be energetic. South American duo HiiO follows up their recent club hits “Something About You” and “Meant to Be” with “Waiting for the Night,” a big room electro stomper equally balanced between massive energy and chilled-out dropouts. What makes this track stand out (aside from the amazing vocal performance by Abigail Bailey) is the way the dropouts aren’t completely beatless and have a groove that will keep the dancefloor. The rhythm is quite memorable but driving my trainspotter brain crazy, I thinks it’s a bit of Lee and Cabrera “Shake It” mixed with Deep Dish “Flashdance” in there. The lyrics are quite strong, also taking a different direction on the same theme recently explored by Armin van Buuren & Fiora. If the lyrics could be fleshed out into a complete verse/chorus/verse structure, this could be the basis for quite a strong pop song in its own right. As it is, watch for “Waiting for the Night” to be a big room club smash for most of the summer and festival season.

Image Courtesy of InCharge/Be Yourself Music.