SONG OF THE DAY: Krewella “Alive” (Bootleg Remixes by TJR and Dani Deahl)

Back in December, when I wrote up “Alive” by Krewella, I had no idea that the song would become so big. The track crossed from the clubs to the radio and continues to be a massive request record every time I play out. But what’s a DJ to do when you get so burned out on a song that you want to jam pencils through your eardrums rather than hear it again? Well, you find a fresh new mix. Granted, there was the Hardwell remix which topped the Beatport chart recently, but that doesn’t quite move me, so I found two bootlegs that take “Alive” in completely different directions. When you first hear TJR’s Booty Bass version, it sounds just like the original with a little more of a drumbeat. Then two minutes in, the buildup goes hyper, massively speeds up and drops into old school Miami booty music. The surprised looks on the dancers’ faces the first time I played this was insane- people were literally screaming. The more you think about it, the mix is completely inappropriate with the tone of the song but screw it, if you are at the club you are are supposed to be dancing and having fun, and not thinking. Chicago electro mistress Dani Deahl reimagined “Alive” as a mashup with pretty elements of “I Could Be the One” (Avicii & Nicky Romero) and glitchy bits of “Skull Kid” (Must Die!) Calling this a mashup borders on disrespectful as it sounds more like a fully-realized production that could have been one of the official remixes from the label. A commercial release is doubtful due to all the copyrights, but since Nicky Romero just teamed with Krewella for that hot new “Legacy” track, I guess it could theoretically get cleared. Realistically, if you haven’t already bought the original mp3 of “Alive” by Krewella, get it from Amazon, iTunes, or Beatport and then snag both of these sickening/awesome/tits bootlegs from their respective Soundcloud pages.