SONG OF THE DAY: Armand Pena and Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love

The word anthem gets thrown around so much that it has almost lost its meaning, similar to diva. To restore the meaning, think about anthems that have truly stood the test of time – “Show Me Love,” “Finally,” and of course “100% Pure Love.” These are songs that always hype a dancefloor and get everyone singing along. Celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the original “100% Pure Love” release, Crystal Waters teamed up with Armand Pena to resing and recreate one of her signature records. This isn’t one of those hatchet jobs where rushed vocals are thrown over the sound of the moment for a quick buck. The production incorporates the melody and sounds of the original while reworking them with a modern tribal house vibe and a hint of electro. The update shows that a track can have big room energy without being a banger. Crystal resang the lyrics and her distinct voice sounds even better than your might remember. There is a slight deepening of her tone which adds to the fresh vibe. There will no doubt be a slew of remixes coming, but I have a feeling this original production will be the one that everyone will be dancing to for years to come.

Image courtesy of Juicy Music.