SONG OF THE DAY: Calvin Harris ft John Newman – Blame

Here’s a song that I’ve been meaning to write up for a while. “Blame,” the followup to “Summer” featuring the soulful vocals of John Newman, sounded so familiar but I just couldn’t place what. Then I heard this mashup by DJSkillz and realize that it was quite similar to “I Need Your Love.” Granted the songs aren’t identical, but the similar melodies make the two mash together so well. On its own, “Blame” is quite strong and sounds incredibly full, one of those rare times when a dance music production is more lush and encompassing than a dance production, yet still completely ready for the dance floor. Well, maybe not all dance floors, but leave it Melbourne team Bombs Away to turn it into a bounce track. Even though official remixes should land any minute now, its doubtful that any will exhibit the frolicking energy and joy that the delightful duo serve up as a counterpoint to the dark and almost somber song. After listerning to “Blame,” I pulled up John’s debut album Tribute and can’t help but thinking how amazing a John Newman / Sam Smith duet would be.

Image courtesy of Columbia Records.