SONG OF THE DAY: David Guetta ft Sam Martin – Lovers on the Sun

After a series of big room club bangers (Shot Me Down, Blast Off), David Guetta gets back into the pop vibe and releases a track aimed directly at commercial radio. Listening to this country & western electronica song through a few times, it sounds more like an Avicii track than a Guetta track. Since Avicii is listed as a co-producer (along with Giorgio Tuinfort & Frederic Riesterer), that really doesn’t come as that big of surprise except that the track really does feels like a mashup of Avicii’s nu-country album tracks and his stadium/progressive-house singles released prior. Basically, if you are a fan of Tim Bergling’s work, as most EDM lovers are, “Lovers on the Sun” will be an instant favorite. Sam Martin contributes a great vocal performance, elevating the track to feel like an epic theme song for a Quentin Tarantino movie. Listening to the campy dance rock of Sam’s band Con Bro Chill, you will really see the diverse range of his talent. Watch for a huge pack of club remixes which are no doubt forthcoming and probably a big commercial placement as well.

Image Courtesy of Big Beat.