SONG OF THE DAY: LA Riots ft Ineabell – Let You Go

Oftentimes a singer gets a track, writes a topline, and the song is done with little interaction between the people involved. Sometimes these songs work and other times they feel like an off-key mashup. On the other hand, whenever Ineabell does a song, there seems to be a real collaboration where the final song has elements of everyone involved. You can hear the eerie prettiness of Ineabell in her songs with Beckwith (Higher/No Time To Waste) and Junior Sanchez (Alive at Night). With “Let You Go,” you hear the sounds of LA Riots with a progressive track that has a bit of noise and a modern rock influence, melded with that nearly trademark sound of Ineabell that softens it yet makes more powerful. The final song is fully realized and could go pop if promoted in that direction. It would definitely fit an emotionally climactic part of a movie or tv show.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.