SONG OF THE DAY: Gabriel and Dresden – Rise Up

Last week when I wrote up the Duke Dumont, Arches, and Second City tracks, I received really varied responses varying from absolute love to sheer boredom with cliched sampled tracks. It seems that the most successful of the NuHouse tracks will be the ones that use elements of classic ’90s house and updates with a modern sensibility. It seems that Gabriel and Dresden got that memo and expanded on the journey they started with “Play it Back.” Their new release “Rise Up” is a progressive house track which sounds completely modern with elements of ’90s synth-pop and a bassline reminiscent of classic New Order. Listening closely, you can dissect these parts, but it’s just as easy to enjoy the track for what it is – a happy, uplifting track which changes moods and energy throughout its development. Seemingly the only thing missing is a vocal, so here’s hoping they bring “Back” Betsie Larkin or get vocalists Sean Ryan or Neil Ormandy to sing a topline. I must say that it is also quite refreshing to hear something that sounds completely different and stands out from the multitude of current electronic releases.

Image Courtesy of Organized Nature.

gabriel and dresden rise up