SONG OF THE DAY: David Gravell – “Nighthawk”

It seems that the lines between the genres have been completely broken. There seems to no longer be progressive, electro, trance, or house records – new tracks are a fusion of two or more of them. One record that clearly represents this is the new track from Dutch producer David Gravell. Best known for his top 10 Beatport hits “Megatron” and “Bulldozer,” he starts “Nighthawk” with aggressive electro which gets even harder- with a bit of a Bingo Players feel. Then in the blink of an eye, it drops down to really pretty vocal trance with a soft, almost operatic vocal floating in the background. Then comes a bit of progressive/stadium-sounding keyboard hooks which build the track back up to pumping electro. W&W, who signed David to their MainStage label under Armada, premiered “Nighthawk” as a part of A State of Trance Official 600 in Kuala Lumpur and the track has been buzzing ever since. Watch for this one to get a lot of major support in the new year.

Image Courtesy of Trice Recordings.