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SONG OF THE DAY: Kerli – “Can’t Control the Kids”


Throwing hearts… I first heard that term when the Nervo twins played Nashville and were describing the crowd response to their last festival set. If you watch live videos, you will definitely see it as well. It’s also the response that Kerli gets from the moon children, her fans around the world. “Can’t Control the Kids” is her song for them – because she, like almost everyone else, realizes that in this world of infinite technology, they can do whatever they dream – with no barriers or limits. Over a high-energy, glitchy electro beat, she sings about trouble and bad influences, but in the end it’s all about showing love. With the refrain “put your hearts up,” she expresses the full meme and on first listen you will realize that resistance is futile. If you haven’t yet purchased her ‘Utopia’ EP, here’s another great song that should convince you to do so.

Image Courtesy of Island/Def Jam.

SONG OF THE DAY: NERVO & Ivan Gough ft Beverley Knight – “Not Taking This No More”


OK, this is going to be a bit of a reach.  A staple elements of ’90s club music was the big black diva belting out a “done me wrong” anthem.  With all the current ’90s revival, this is one genre/meme/trope that I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of, and “Not Taking This No More” comes close to satiating the desire.  A trio of Aussies, the NERVO twins and Ivan Gough (from TV Rock), produce a banging big room electro track that serves as the backing for British soul singer Beverley Knight to sing her story of recovery from a bad relationship.  It’s energetic and guaranteed to pack a floor, making it everything that a DJ could want.  Nervo are not strangers to working with soulful big voices, remember last year’s “Something to Believe In” with Cookie’s anthemic hook.  This new song builds up the vocals to a full verse and a chorus, but I keep wondering how amazing it would be if it was fleshed out to be a full verse-chorus-verse structure.  Yes, I’m repeating what I said last year but when a song is this good you can’t blame me for wanting more…

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.

INTERVIEW: Jessica Sutta (2013)


When I interviewed Jessica Sutta back in 2008 around the release of the Pussycat Dolls’ Doll Domination album, I was blown away by her knowledge of dance music.  So it’s no surprise that she has worked with top flight producers like Dave Aude and Paul van Dyk and topped the club chart with “Show Me” last year.  Her new single “Again” is flying up the club chart and is just one of four songs that she is planning to release this year.  We caught up at the Winter Music Conference and chatted about everything going on in her beat-driven world.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: How are you enjoying the Winter Music Conference this year?
Jessica Sutta: Oh my god I am having the time of my life. Miami is my hometown and I love coming home, it is always fun here.